Saturday, 30 May 2015

A poignant thought

Oh! You little brave one
You came out of nowhere and blossomed on my window
I look at you and I find the beauty of a perfect foliage
You get me thinking
Did you get all that you needed to grow well?
Was there any soil?
Was there enough sunlight?
Well of course you got enough water and air
But that's not enough for a plant to grow
I see my gardener taking care of the plants inside my house
And none grow as well as you do
And then I ponder
We cry and we crib
That we don't have that and this
I coulda, woulda, shoulda
If only I had enough money I’d do this
If only I had the right support I’d get that
If only I had the proper education I’d achieve everything I wanted
And then I look back at you
The drive to excel, the zeal to achieve is all in our hands
We lazy beings are simply blaming things around us for our failures
If you can grow out of nowhere and survive
Why can't we?

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