Monday, 29 September 2014

One Fine Evening

The Madras Square - A review

My friend Tanya and I are trying to make our time in Chennai memorable. So we are on a hunt for some great places to hang out each weekend. We came across a café called The Madras Square on Zomato. The pictures looked beautiful. And I’d been looking for picturesque locations to devour with my DSLR.
I’d have to say the, the place we visited today is probably one of the best places I’ve seen in Chennai. Situated in the interiors of ECR, on the streets of Neelankarai, The Madras Square is a perfect gateway if you are looking for a satiable European Cuisine and a photogenic rustic architecture. It’s the perfect place to quench your thirst for photography. The café is completely built of red brick stones on the outside with a hut structure that makes it all the more endearing and earthy. It is a place to relax amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.
 I got the opportunity to only see the outdoors of the café. The grassy lawn has wooden chairs and table along with appropriately placed big cauldrons, pots, lamps with incarnations, and a unique bathtub resembling the Great Bath of the Harappa civilization, and some colourful puppets hanging by the trees.
The other half comprises of an art gallery and furniture store. It has Chettinad pillars, with a couple of Gautam Budha and Ganesha stone idols, along with big door that resembles the Thanjavur architecture. What I found as the main attraction was the huge and tasteful wind chime which simply cannot go unnoticed.
The scenery turns beautiful by the hour as the sky becomes darker. The use of yellow bulbs over the silhouettes of wooden lamp shades enhances the serenity of the environment.
We ordered chicken lasagna, potato croquettes, prawns and cappuccino. The taste was good; however, the quantity seemed a little scarce for the price.

It’s a cozy, feel good place, quiet, takes you back in a different era and yet very modern, a perfect place for breakfasts and cloudy days. 



  1. The photography seems to be delicate.... finely detailed... I believe you clearly bring out what YOU want to bring out.... and that is all that matters.

    All in all it seems like a very professional travel blog... Kudos

  2. Thank you so much Rahul. Keep watching this space for more.